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Beach City
Building Permit
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Something people living in Texas should   know, especially since this service has  received very little publicity. Your Texas driver's license has a phone  number on the back, just above the bar  code on the lower left side: 1-800-525- 5555. (It's VERY SMALL PRINT) This  number can be called for emergency  assistance on the highway or wherever you  might have trouble while in your car. A  service truck will be sent to you. This  service is state operated, and paid for with your tax dollars.  If you are ever stranded, just call the number on your driver's license...help is on the way. A state trooper will be sent to make sure all is well.

Share this information with family members and friends; it can help avoid unnecessary expenses and could possibly save a life. It is a good idea to key this number into your cell phone directory and it will be there when you need it.
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Added - November 16, 2010
Chambers County Historical Commission
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Added- October 28, 2010
Beach City History
Comprehensive account of the history of Beach City and surrounding area, added to the History page.
Click on link above to access the Chambers County online SERVICE REQUEST FORM to make a service request for mosquito control.
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The Beach City
Volunteer Fire Dept
Needs Your Help
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Added - May 17, 2015
Beach City Building Permit
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and Printable.


Pfc Wesley R. Riggs
Spc. Keith E. Grace Jr.